Thank you for letting me be a part of LWL - I really enjoyed this evening.

It’s strange but I’m really seeing the difference you and Kelly are making with this initiative. There’s an authenticity to the panelists which reflects you and you very kindly stretch the bandwidth of even your own comfort zone with the variety of speakers. You drew a wide range of ladies together and everyone had fun, enjoying the supportive environment.
— Katie Doran: Lanyon Communications

It was such an uplifting and inspiring event - I feel like I can take on the world again :)
— Orla McKeating: Owner Boden Park Coffee Company - Belfast

Congrats on a great event last evening.
I really enjoyed it and the girls were a fantastic addition - they were absolutely amazing and it was brilliant for them to have that opportunity. I sat quietly in the corner with the proudest, widest smile on my face - a very nice moment. I never thought when I kick off Digital Futures as part of Digital DNA in 2013 that it would create moments like that.

Thanks again for looking after the girls and Simon in SF and for the opportunity you gave them last evening.
— Gareth Quinn, Digital DNA


Ladies Who Launch is such an inspirational organization for all these entrepreneurs.