On Wednesday, May 15th, we’re excited to bring Ladies Who Launch to Stockholm in partnership with Goldman Sachs and Nordea Bank, for an evening of community, education, and inspiration as we celebrate tenacious women in business!

This will be an energetic and dynamic gathering of 150+ women in business from the Nordic community. We hope you can join us.

The goal is to help women-led businesses of all sizes and conceptual stages come together to collaborate, connect, strengthen their livelihoods, and discuss topics that are pertinent to their work.

Through meaningful breakout sessions on topics such as building and nurturing your brand as well as business and financing strategies, we'll offer practical tips and tricks that attendees can take home and implement immediately!

2018 recap LWL.png

2018 Highlights + Reflections

What a year for Ladies Who Launch. We visited Dublin and St Louis for the first time, revisited Belfast, and brought it home to San Francisco yet again. So you might all be thinking well done! Let’s grab a glass of your favorite and cheers to a job well done.  

But no….we are women, we don’t rest on our laurels...ever. So Kelly and I are going to put you to work. Stealing from a speech I delivered at the Ireland Funds Women’s Leadership Luncheon  we’d like to challenge you all today with a call to action on three things: (1) Community; (2) Leadership; and, (3) Paying it Forward.

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Belfast: You Are Enough

Belfast did not disappoint, and a warm N.Irish welcome kicked us off in style! Like St Louis, Belfast honed in on authenticity while Dublin talked about advocacy and San Francisco focused on finding purpose.  However, for us, the parting words of our final keynote “You are enough” gave us a big boost as we close out 2018 and think about what impact we can have in 2019.

Here’s a live clip on what we hoped for for the evening and for the community we are building with Ladies Who Launch. This was year two in Belfast, and as we reflect on the need for stronger global communities generally, we see a real need for what we are doing. 

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San Francisco: Finding Purpose

What a night! 6 years of Ladies Who Launch in San Francisco.  As part of saying thank you to everyone who gave their time and effort, I wanted us to take a moment to reflect and remember “the strawberry” (insider comment for those who attended).  Each new event brings a new launch of relationships started, communities built, new learnings given, and of course inspiration felt!  If you want to follow along and join us on our Ladies Who Launch journey, check out our website for more information on upcoming events. We’re also actively building out content with the hopes that we can be a small part of helping to get women across the globe launching successfully!


St. Louis : Authenticity

The word of the night in St Louis was authenticity.  Being an authentic leader, unafraid to show your superpowers but also your weaknesses and mistakes.

Post our uplifting night in St Louis at the inaugural Ladies Who Launch event for that city, I wanted to reflect for a moment and pay forward what we learned. Always invigorating!  Also check out our new website with all the details of Ladies Who Launch - Kelly and I are launching step by step into the world too!

My key impression, even before the event, was a thirst for more of this Community-building. We saw it in our number of sign-ups with >400 people putting their hand up to attend... starting with the inimitable founders of Summersalt - Reshma and Lori - who generously opened up their network, even though we couldn’t make our date work for them personally. Don’t worry we’ll be back for you next year! The audience quality was high - almost everyone I spoke to was already on a journey of running their own businesses.  They brought pragmatism, wisdom, optimism, and scars on their back, and were seeking ways to be creative and innovative with their brands. One woman at the end left me with this message “Thank you, this happened at just the right time for me. I was scared to keep going and now I am replenished.”